It’s officially BIKINI SEASON! Are you ready to bare your belly? Whether you’re looking sculpted or just getting started, IFBB Pro Juliana Daniell has some exercises to kick up your training intensity and build beautiful bikini abs!

This week, Juliana demonstrates WINDSHIELD WIPERS—a very challenging exercise that engages the entire core, especially the oblique muscles. Juliana incorporates a stability ball for additional resistance. However, if you are new to abdominal training, we recommend that you perform this exercise without the ball. If you find that this exercise is still challenging, perform bicycle crunches and hanging leg raises for a few weeks to strengthen your core.

How To Do It

1. Lie on back with arms out to sides with your palms down. Legs should be extended toward ceiling with the ball (stability or medicine) between your feet.

2. Tighten abs and slowly lower legs together toward one side far as you can while keeping your shoulders pressed into the floor.

3. Bring your legs back to center and then lower your legs to the opposite side.

Perform 4 sets of 10 reps on each side.

Juliana’s Tips

– “Keep your abs tight and don’t allow your back to arch. This will help you to avoid putting a lot of strain on your back and ensure that you are getting the most from the exercise.”

– “Just remember that these aren’t about how much weight you use; it’s about form and completing the entire motion/movement each rep.”

– “The different size ball you place between your feet can force you to use different areas of your abs more than others and changes your range of motion, so make sure you switch it up.”