Today we are sharing a transformation story featuring Bombshell Fitness member Wanda Arena! Wanda is the winner of the Bombshell Fitness 2016 B-Transformed BOOTY Challenge. The goal of the challenge was to improve glute tone and shape. Wanda’s hard work resulted in a more lifted, toned and rounded backside!

Throughout this 12-week challenge, participants were provided individualized nutrition, cardio and training programs by their expert Bombshell coach, in addition to weekly challenge booty boosting home workouts to increase their glute training volume and improve glute activation overall. The transformation winners were announced at Bombshell’s annual BOMiCON event, which brings together women who love fitness from all over the globe!

 Here’s Wanda’s inspiring story!

For Wanda Arena, trail running was a way to cope with stress. The 46-year-old mom of four, who is a retired EMT, had taken up running seriously after her husband passed away. But after a few years, she wanted something more.

“I started to weight train, but never was able to gain the muscle I wanted,” said Wanda. “I was lucky to get a second shot at love again with a chance meeting at work, and he loved training as much as I did. So I kicked it up and trained for my first show.”

The physiques of the other competitors in that show inspired Wanda further, and that’s when she joined Bombshell Fitness. “After talking to a few amazing Bombshell competitors, I was absolutely impressed by their confidence and friendliness. And I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

The Booty Challenge

This year, Wanda decided to participate in Bombshell’s Booty Challenge in order to stay focused on her goals. The Booty Challenge helped her stay accountable with the required check-ins and having a goal date (the transformation winners were announced at Bombshell’s BOMiCON event.)

“This challenge was perfect for me, because I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy [last year],” said Wanda. “When my motivation was low, I reached out to my coach, who always had something motivational to say. I would try not to over-think it and would tell myself to do what I can. Before I knew it, I had finished my whole workout and I always felt better that I pushed through.”

In the beginning of the challenge, Wanda admits she had a few setbacks— for instance, skipping workouts because of lack of time. However, she figured out ways to get her baby involved in her fitness, which made the workouts possible and fun.

“The best thing I learned during this challenge is I can push myself out of my comfort zone,” said Wanda. “Getting a workout in doesn’t mean I have to go to the gym; I can take the baby out for a run or work out in the living room, etc.”

This challenge has inspired Wanda to work toward competing again next year, and she is looking forward to transforming into a competitor again.

“This challenge definitely sparked my flame,” said Wanda.

Wanda’s Tips for Fitness Success

1. Find something that motivates you. “It could be anything or anyone— to me, motivation was key!”

2. Set a goal. “It can be a goal date, or weight you want to be at.”

3. Adjust accordingly. “Make it fun and about you! If you can only do sit-ups because of time and/or no babysitter, at least you did something for you. That’s why I loved this challenge— I did it everywhere in my house and at times in my PJs.”

4. Reach out to people with the same goals. “They usually can help with motivation and workouts, etc. They most likely have been in the same boat at some point.”

5. Make your workout YOUR time. “Never feel bad or selfish about spending time on yourself.”

6. Focus on nutrition. “I never saw better results until I changed my eating habits. Eating cleaner and more frequently not only helped in losing weight, but my skin also looks better and my energy levels are higher, which helps on those low motivation days.”

Favorite At-Home Booty Exercise: Duck Walk

“It was a love/hate thing,” said Wanda. “It burned, but I knew it was working!”

Try it Out: Start standing with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down. Keep your weight in your heels and then begin to walk while staying as low as you can. You can also place a band around your ankles if you wish for added resistance. You can start with 20 steps at a time before resting. Increase your steps to challenge yourself!

Bombshell Fitness has been building strong women from all over the globe since 2007. The experts on building a lean, tight, feminine, hourglass shaped body, Bombshell Fitness offers its clients individualized training, cardio and nutrition programs and 1-on-1 personal coaching to help them transform for life.