Let’s train some chest! Why is this an important area to focus on? Neglecting to train the chest results in an underdeveloped clavicular portion of the pectoralis major (upper pec), which creates a shallow or flat look to the upper body.

Many women with breast implants shy away from training the chest. But unless you receive very specific instructions from your surgeon, and as long as you are careful, performing incline chest exercises is definitely OK with implants. By keeping the weights light and using perfect form, you will be able to balance out your physique without hurting yourself or distorting the way your implants look/sit. I train chest once a week, 6-8 sets maximum.


Seated Incline Dumbbell Presses:

2 sets/reps 20, 15

Set bench to an incline between 35-45 degreesUse light dumbbellsKeep a slow and controlled form

Elevated Leg Push-ups

3 sets/reps 15, 12, 12

Keep your hips tucked in a posterior pelvic tilt the entire timeDo not let your back sway and keep your abs contracted for the entire setHold onto dumbbells to keep your wrists straight

Seated Incline Cable Flys
3 sets/reps 20, 15, 12

Set bench to an incline between 30-45 degreesKeep arms straight and focus on pulling hands together using the peck musclesAvoid going too deep on the eccentric portion (lowering the weight) of this exerciseKeep feet flat on the floor with toes pointing forward