Another week and another workout! Today I want to go over the importance of building strong hamstrings. I used to hate training this muscle group but as I have seen development it has slowly become one of my favorite training days! I discovered that developing your hamstrings and glutes is the secret to achieving the tight, toned, shapely legs that many women strive for! Obtaining this helps you keep that sexy leg look year round; it creates shape and symmetry necessary for your legs.

A major key in developing your hamstrings is to keep your form during your workout. Understand the muscle you are working and feel it burn as you train. One of the exercises I do for hamstrings is hyper extensions. Weighted or not, this exercise is extremely good for developing the hamstring, but most commonly is performed wrong. I see a lot of swinging up and down, which will not accomplish the goal of hamstring development and can often cause low back pain. Keep your form tight, contracting your glutes the entire time, slowly lowering toward the floor, then squeezing both hamstrings and glutes as you raise up. You want to drive back with your heels and have a slight bend in the knee! That is just one awesome exercise. Here is the rest of my routine:


Seated Hamstring Leg Curls

4 sets/reps 15, 12, 10, 15

Keep abs tight2 counts down, hold 1 count, 3 counts upKeep back flat against back rest

Lying Hamstring Curls

4 sets/reps 15, 12, 10, 15

Keep hips flat against benchSlightly lift knees off bench and keep glutes contracted entire setGo slow and hold formDo not raise glutes up as you contract your hamstring

Hyper Extensions
4 sets/reps 20, 18, 15, 12

Keep slight bend in kneesDrive heels backward into footplateSlowly lower your upper body forward, keeping chin tucked and chest upKeep glutes contracted entire set

Single-leg Standing Hamstring Curls
3 sets/reps 20, 18, 15

Keep hips tucked and glutes tightDrive up with heelSqueeze up, slowly release down