This week’s article is on training legs!

I have been getting a lot of questions and inquiries about how I train my legs for quadriceps growth. I do incorporate squats on occasion, but the important thing to remember when exercising is to train for your body type. If your femur is way too long, then doing squats is counterproductive because you will not be able to hold proper form and could potentially risk injuring yourself. Have a certified, knowledgeable personal trainer assess your physique and let you know if you are aesthetically built to perform squats properly. The goal is to maximize hypertrophy for muscle growth!

I like to split my legs up into two days. This helps me maximize personal growth for my quads, hamstrings and calves. This routine is mainly focused on quad and glute training but you can definitely add in some hamstrings and calves to complete a full leg workout!

My Quad-Building Routine:

Seated Leg Extensions
7 sets/12 reps (30-second rest periods between each set)
• Keep your hips and back close to the bench
• Focus on squeezing your quad muscle without swinging your legs up or down, using momentum
• Keep a slow pace and load the weight stack heavy, as long as you can keep it under control
• Only rest 30 seconds between each set; this will get very difficult!

Single-Leg, Plate-Loaded Leg Press
4 sets/10 reps each set single leg
• Keep your foot low on the leg press
• Lower weight without rolling your hips up off the bench
• Drive through the heel as you press forward

Smith Machine Squats
4 sets/12 reps each set
• Use a towel or a Manta Ray to protect your neck from the bar
• Stand in a wide stance and slowly lower your weight without rolling hips under
• Have toes slightly angles outward, do not let your knees cross pass your toes

Walking Dumbbell Lunges
2 sets/12 steps each leg (24 steps total)
• Hold a dumbbell on each side of your body using wrist wraps or versa grips
• Lunge forward and drive hips forward, pushing through your front heel
• Keep core and abs tight to stabilize balance, focusing on squeezing the gluteus