This week I want to go over quadriceps training. It has taken me four years of consistent and hard training to build this muscle group. I personally have had to work extremely hard to finally get my quads to match my upper body development. So, you women out there that long for those great, shapely legs, I am here to tell you it can be done.

One of the most common things I hear from women about leg training is, “I don’t want to train heavy because my legs will get bulky or thick!” The truth is, if you lose the body fat (women tend to carry in the lower half) you will realize how symmetrical and toned your lower body can look with consistent, intense quadriceps training! Properly developed quads add overall balance and symmetry to your physique and are a key component to creating the proper lines that will accentuate a smaller waistline.

My current quad workout consists of 12-17 work sets of quads, 4 different exercises and reps ranging from 10-20 depending on the week. I encourage you to give it a try!


Leg Extensions:

4 sets
Reps 15, 12, 10, 15

Concentric (lifting the weight, positive contraction) 2 counts up; eccentric (lowering the weight, negative contraction), slow 3 counts downKeep glutes tight against bench during movementKeep your knees in line with the axis of the machineAlways keep weight under controlDon’t swing your legs or arch your back off bench

Cybex Linear Leg Press:

4 sets
reps 25, 20, 15, 25

Wide stance with toes at the top outside edge of the footplateKeep knees in line with 2nd and 4th toeMake sure not to allow your hips roll up off the pad by going too deepKeep weight under control at all times

Standing Single Leg Lunges (back foot on bench):
3 sets
reps 20, 18, 15

Use dumbbells in each hand (only if you can keep your core stable)Slowly lower elevated knee toward floor, while making sure planted knee does not extend past toeKeep glutes contracted entire setAfter completing one leg, switch legs and continue same rep count

Leg Extensions:
6 sets
eps 15,15,12,12,10,10
*See aforementioned bullet points from exercise #1.