Last year, Amanda Freeseman lost 60 pounds and won the Max Muscle MaxFormation Life Challenge. This year, she’s taking her fitness to the next level with the help of IFBB Pros Nicole Wilkins and Jaime Baird, and she wants YOU to join her. In this 8-part TRAIN LIKE A PRO Video Series, Amanda shares the Pro’s exercises and tips to help tighten and add curve to your physique.

Like many of us, Amanda struggled with her weight for years. Last year, she finally lost the 60 pounds that was weighing her down and holding her back. During the process, she learned a lot about herself and what it takes to be successful. In this DIET SUCCESS TIPS episode, Amanda shares her strategies for successful weight loss and how to use supplements to bolster efforts in and out of the gym. Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Check out this video and start thinking like a Pro today!

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A huge thank you to MAX MUSCLE for making these videos possible. For your chance to change your life and win $20,000, enter the 2013 Max Muscle MaxFormation Life Challenge at

Thank you to Winter Park Health And Fitness for hosting this video shoot. Winter Park Health And Fitness is a state-of-the-art, family-owned facility that prides itself on offering its members the best personal trainers and friendliest atmosphere in Central Florida.