This week we are talking about triceps! As a woman, I often get asked what exercises I do to avoid getting the “saggy underarm look” that waves at people when you lift your hand above your head! I have a great workout to ensure whenever you wave, the only part moving will be your hand! Triceps are important to develop to give your bicep and shoulder balance for a complete toned arm.

Form and control are always key when developing any muscle group. It is not about moving weight when training for hypertrophy. If you slack on form, your move prone to injury and less likely to get the desired results.


Cable Press Downs (using a rope)

3 sets/reps 15, 12, 10

Start with arms at 90 degreesPress down, only moving arm at elbow jointKeep elbows close to the side of your bodyMake sure your shoulder joint does not move

Triceps Dips

3 sets/reps 15, 12, 10

Use bodyweightSlowly lower your body until elbows are at 90 degrees of flexionSlowly press your body upward, stopping before elbows lock out to keep constant tension on tricep

3 sets/reps 15, 12, 12

Keep shoulders stable (do not move at shoulder joint)Lower weights slowly, keeping wrists straightGo as low as you can control while maintaining tension on your tricep