“There is only one type of discipline, perfect discipline.”

-General George S. Patton Jr., United States Army

If you want to stay in shape through the holidays, you have to have the discipline and self-control to not overindulge. One must set parameters to eating to prevent the overconsumption of unhealthy treats and rich foods that circulate the many parties throughout the season. There are constant temptations for tasty foods that are prevalent around this time of year. People often ask me how I stay in shape amid the bombardment of parties and events at this time of year. I set the necessary boundaries and rules with myself.

Indulge one day per week. I simply tell myself that I am only allowed to indulge one day per week. If there are two parties, indulge at one, and make healthy choices at the other. If you set these kinds of rules with yourself, you will successfully limit the damage that can be done if you were to allow yourself to spiral out of control with indulgences. It’s much easier to maintain the rule of “NO” with yourself than if you attend a party without a plan in place. When anything goes, everything goes. If you allow yourself the extra indulgence, even if you tell yourself you’ll “just have one,” often that one leads to another, and another, and eventually opens the floodgates. And the next day, not only are you disappointed in yourself for your lack of self-discipline, more often than not, you will also feel horrible as well.

Christmas KETO Brownie

Stay fit, feel better and healthier. If we limit the damage to one day, our bodies can recover from the rich food and treats much more easily. And, the great benefit of that is that we not only stay fit and healthier, but we also feel so much better, physically, mentally and emotionally. Another thing that helps is to have healthy items to take to parties that you can have as a treat, and still feel satisfied without aggravating your digestive system and causing sudden elevations in blood sugar, which disrupt the body fat-burning process in our bodies. (See my Christmas KETO Brownie December recipe at RemedyResults.com or download the Remedy Recipes App at the App Store for a great healthy treat option.) So consider the application of self-control and maintain discipline with yourself through the holiday season this year. You’ll be ahead of schedule and off to a great start, rolling into the new year like the 6th Armored Tank Division, plowing over obstacles, and achieving goals that better yourself!