Are you ready for the holidays? Family feasts, festive functions and shopping ‘til we drop. Shopping for long durations is as good as training, right? OK, maybe not.

Since shopping can’t burn off that extra helping of gravy-covered goodness, we’ll have to fit in fitness this busy holiday season. Or, we’ll be dealing with dreaded holiday bulge AGAIN come the New Year. None of us want that, so we better get to work this holiday season!

But, with all the holiday hustle and bustle, who has time to keep up with their training 100 percent? Most of us don’t. So, we need an approach that provides maximum results in minimal time, and IFBB Pro Amanda Latona’s Holiday Print-and-Go Workout is the perfect solution.

This fast-paced, circuit-style program will challenge your muscles and blast tons of calories quickly and effectively! So, don’t forget about fitness this month— stay on track with Amanda’s timesaving HOLIDAY WORKOUT. Happy training!


• Exercises should be performed quickly and with intensity.
• Minimize rest between each exercise and set.
• Make sure to grab all the weights and equipment needed before you begin the circuit.
• Complete 3 rounds of each set. If you have more time available, add a fourth rotation.



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