“Hey Ben, how can I really tighten up my core?” That’s a question I hear every day. The answer? Well, a lot of things need to happen.

You need a healthy diet (you’ve heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen,” right? There’s a lot of truth to it). You need to be consistent. Most importantly, you need a workout aimed at nothing but helping you strengthen your core (duh!).

While that last point sounds simple, people often get stumped when they try to come up with a quick ab workout.

In this workout video, I remove all of the guesswork. You’ll see a fast, intense and unique way to tighten up your core using just bodyweight exercises. Try them out and get your friends to join you.

How to Perform This Bodyweight Core Circuit:

• There are 3 rounds total, performed for slightly less time each round
• Round 1 = 1 minute at each move
• Round 2 = 45 seconds at each move
• Round 3 = 30 seconds at each move
• Rest 1 minute between rounds

The Moves

Feet Elevated Sit-Up to Russian Twist

Keep your legs in the air with your knees bent at 90 degrees. That on its own would make your core work the entire time. But then from that position we add a sit-up and Russian twist. BOOM! You’ve hit your rectus abdominus (the “six-pack” muscle) and the obliques (the muscles at the sides of your torso), knocking out a lot of the core with a single move!


Plank Knee Drives

Whew! These are way harder than they look. Hold a stable plank while driving your knees toward your chest quickly. Your rectus abdominus, already fired up from the last move, will go into overtime here. You’ll feel the burn big-time throughout your stomach.

Heels to Heaven

This one reminds me of Rocky IV, when Balboa is working out in that cabin off in the middle of nowhere. By straightening your legs and extending your body the whole way, you activate your entire core. This actually feels good for your low back as well.

Two-Way Feet Jacks

Any time you’re in a solid top-of-the-push-up position, you are working your core. Then move your feet out and back, and throw in a double mountain climber. This is the finale of the workout, so push hard!

There you have it: A quick, intense and unique workout to tighten up your core using just your bodyweight!