I don’t do a lot of direct abdominal training in the form of crunches or sit-ups. With my training clients and my own training, the focus is on stability and anti-rotation to develop a strong core that is able to assist you in doing squats, dead lifts and overhead work.

One of my favorite tools for this type of abdominal and core training is the Valslide. I love it for many reasons: It’s versatile for any client at any level, there are hundreds of exercises and variations that you can use and it’s small and portable so you can store several sets at your gym or take them with you when you travel.

The circuit I want to show you today is one that I got from the creator of the Valslide, Valerie Waters. Typically, I use at the end of a training session. You will want to start with one set and then build up to two after a few times doing this.

All four exercises involve the Valslide. It’s extremely effective, because it incorporates the entire core region and the movements are done in various planes so you get a balanced amount of work. Plus, the ab burn at the end is awesome.


Valslide Body Saw: 15 reps
Valslide Windshield Wiper: 10, per leg
Valslide Opposite: 8 per side
Valslide Side Opposites: 8 per side

**Check out the video below for a demonstration of the set up and technique for this circuit**


– For each exercise, the goal is to remain in a tight plank with a flat back.
– To begin, you want to squeeze your abdominals, glutes, legs and lower back.
– You also want to think about pushing your elbows (or hands) into the floor to really brace your body and turn on your abs.
– When you do this circuit, some of the movements will feel more challenging than others and that is simply because you may have an imbalance or a stronger side. Just go as far as you can while maintaining a tight core.


If you don’t have Valslides, I highly suggest getting a pair. They will change your fitness game. I am not at all affiliated with the Valslide company, I just believe in the product for myself and my clients.

Editor’s Note: You can also perform these exercises on hardwood or tile floors using hand towels in place of the Valslides.

Be sure to leave a comment below once you try this circuit. I’d love to hear how it goes for you.