Looking for a challenging shoulder press workout? Look no further. This will leave you with that fire in your arms that just keeps on burning!

Here is how you do it:

• Set up a bench and that allows you to sit straight up. You’ll want your back to be supported for this.

• Grab two dumbbells and pick a weight that will challenge you for 20 reps. I used 25s. Yes, I’d go that light if this is your first time.

• Perform eight reps of the shoulder press.

• At the top of rep eight, hold your arms straight over your head with your arms completely extended for 10 seconds.

• Go right back to performing another eight reps and again hold at the top for 10 seconds.

• Keep repeating this for eight rounds without rest. Well, at least that’s the goal.

I won’t even lie to you. My first attempt at this, I was only able to go for six rounds. Then I tried again a few days later and I got to seven rounds and had to drop the weights yet again. Finally the next week I was able to complete eight rounds with smooth reps.

What happened? My anaerobic capacity and my muscular endurance increased!

So what’s so good about that? Well first off, my shoulders are looking bigger than they were before, but secondly I’m able perform better in the bench press, push-ups and other movements that require my shoulders to stay stable and strong.

In addition, my mental toughness was challenged with this. Trust me, you are going to want to drop the weights after about five rounds. Stay focused; keep your form right and press through this!

Before I go let me say that 25 pounds was good for me. That doesn’t mean you should automatically pick 25s. Choose a weight that is safe for YOU and keep your form perfect!

Chase It!