Want to burn fat and shape up the glutes? Then, The Butt Shaper Cardio routine is for you! To complete this program, you are going to need any type of ankle resistance bands and a stair stepper machine! Let’s do it!

Step 1 – Toes In Band Steps

With the band secured around your ankles, position your legs about shoulder width apart or until you feel tension in the band. From here, get down into a squat position and angle your toes inwards towards each other.

Warning: It may feel awkward, and your toes will naturally try to switch and point out. However, DO NOT LET THEM! This will make sure your glutes stay activated.

Keeping the tension in the band throughout the movement, step back and forth. For example, step the right foot to the right, then step the left foot to the right to have it join the foot. Now step to the left side with your left foot then your right foot comes to join your left. Continue back and forth in the squat position for 60 seconds. Make sure to keep tension in the band throughout.

Step 2 – Booty Pushdown

For the next interval, press the quick start button on the stair stepper and put one foot on a single pedal. Using your hamstring and glute, push it down, let it rise back up and push it down again. Repeat this for 20 times. Then, switch and repeat on the other leg.

NOTE: For this movement, the higher level you go up, the less resistance you will feel. So to make this Pushdown more difficult, keep the level low.

Step 3 – Step It Out

Lastly, hop on the stair stepper and adjust the level higher depending your strength and endurance. Put hands on your hips for balance and refrain from holding on. Step it out for 2 minutes.

Complete 4 Rounds, and I guarantee your going to feel accomplished when your finished!