“Research shows that 94 percent of couples stick with their fitness programs when they work out together.” – Jari Love.

 “When partners spend time together, they can develop unique ways of relating that transform the relationship from an impersonal one to an interpersonal one.” – Ronald Adler and Russell Proctor II

Exercising together is a great win-win activity for couples: it’s a chance to spend time together and get in shape. Exercise is also proven to reduce stress, improve mood and increase closeness between partners.

 This is a fun, full-body workout you can do with your “swolemate” this Valentine’s day. It’s a quick routine— about 15-20 minutes— that you can do with minimal equipment at the gym or home.

Partner-Assisted Pull-ups

• One person starts on the pull-up (or chin-up) bar and bends his/her knees, and the partner on the ground places his/her hands below the partner’s ankles. The partner doing pull-ups can use the hands to press against to help him/her do pull-ups.

• Do two to three sets to failure each.

Partner-weighted Squat and Push-up

• One partner starts in an inverted plank, hands on ground, feet in partner’s hands. Standing partner does a squat while other partner does a push-up.

• Do 10 reps, then switch spots. Do two to three sets of each exercise.

Medicine Ball Butterfly Sit-ups

• Partners face each other, and start seated with feet touching in butterfly position. One partner starts with medicine ball. Both partners go all the way back and then all the way forward and hand the medicine ball off with each rep.

• Do two to three sets of 20.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Special thanks to my husband, Chris, for shooting this workout with me.

 Pictures & Video by Lindsey Covington