Being a hairstylist, I’m always looking for ways to keep hair in tip-top shape, which can be a challenge when you live the fit life. It is no secret, after a long, hard workout, our hair can become a sweaty mess! So how can you get by without washing it EVERYDAY and still make it look freshly washed? There are a few tricks of the trade when trying to disguise the sweaty mess we created in the gym! I mean, we can’t give up our awesome workouts just because our hair is gonna get dirty and sweaty, right?! Here are a few tips to make sure your hair doesn’t look like a greaser!

1) Stop washing your hair EVERYDAY. The natural oils are actually good for your scalp, and when you wash it everyday, your scalp can become VERY dry. This then causes your scalp to begin OVERPRODUCING oil resulting in an even oilier scalp.

2) When working out, pull your hair up OFF THE NECK and FACE. Whether you wear it in a messy bun or wear a headband, be sure the hair is not touching your sweaty body. This will prevent the hair from picking up more oils and touching more sweat than necessary!

How To Create A Quick (And Cute) Messy Bun: Pull hair up into a high ponytail, but do not pull all the way through on the last loop. Tuck excess hair into the ponytail for a quick messy bun look! See pictures for an example.

3) Try a DRY SHAMPOO (aka “Magic In A Bottle”). Dry shampoos were created for the busy woman who doesn’t have time to wash her hair everyday! Dry shampoos work wonders for absorbing oils and keeping your hair looking fresh.

How To Effectively Use Dry Shampoo: When applying the dry shampoo, take small horizontal sections working your way from the front to the back. Spray it at least six inches away from the root. Spray it on the part at the root covering the crown and perimeter of the hair (where you sweat the most). Let it sit for a few minutes and rub it in really well with your fingers.

Note: It may look powdery. Don’t worry. That just means you haven’t rubbed it in quite enough yet! After rubbing it in completely, comb through it and maybe even blowdry it a bit to get rid of any “powder” remaining.

A few of my favorite dry shampoo brands are: Kenra, TIGI, It’s A 10, and Paul Mitchell.

4) Keep it COOL. After sweating, dry the sweat in your hair with the “cool shot” option on the blow dryer, which will absorb some of the excess oils.

5) Say, “See ya later, SULFATES.” Try using a sulfate-free shampoo when you wash your hair, this will help prevent any excess product build up at the root. A few of my favorite sulfate-free shampoos: Awapuhi Wild Ginger by Paul Mitchell, Enjoy Hydrating Hair Care and Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair.

6) If at all possible, WAIT 3-5 DAYS to wash your hair. This will nourish it and help when trying to grow it out!

7) Rinse with COOL WATER and only condition your ends. A cool rinse helps to seal the hair cuticle keeping hair moisture locked into the strands. Also remember, using “cheaper” shampoos and conditioners WILL dry OUT your hair and cause your scalp to produce MORE oil! Try to only use hair products sold by a PROFESSIONAL.

Sweating more doesn’t always mean you have to wash your hair everyday! Try switching it up, and see how much better your hair will feel! The natural oils will help nourish the hair and strengthen it back to health! Adding a few of these tips to your daily regimen will definitely improve the health of the hair! You will also notice it will be shinier, stronger and healthier overall!