Summer is just around the corner… are YOU ready to tone up those legs? If your legs are an area of weakness for you, then this is the workout you need! This circuit is designed to trim down those thighs and tighten up that tush. And who doesn’t want a tighter tush?! You don’t have to spend this summer in pants, start now and sculpt the butt and legs you want with the Summer SlimDOWN Circuit!

This is a fast-paced circuit— a weighted workout combined with plyometrics in between each exercise or machine. Plyometrics are exercises that encourage muscle development, speed, agility and endurance. They are not only for athletes; plyometrics transform fat into lean muscle while spiking that heart rate and increasing the caloric burn!

Summer SlimDOWN Circuit

Round 1
Weighted Stationary Lunges — 15 each side
Weighted (Wide) Jump Squats — 30
Leg Press — 15
Jumping Switch Lunges — 15 each side

Round 2
Smith Machine Squats (wide) — 15
Jump Squats (narrow) — 30
Smith Machine Squats (narrow) — 15
Box Jumps — 15

Round 3
Hamstring Curls — 15
Pop Squats — 30
Stiff-leg Deadlifts — 15
Sumo Squats — 30 each leg

*Perform 3 sets of each round before moving to the next
*Use a weight that is challenging
*Rest 1 minute in between each round

This circuit is set up to be a challenge. Be sure to go at your own pace to avoid injury— don’t over-do it! You will get better each time you do this workout. When contemplating leg day, throw this tough workout in and challenge yourself! Soon enough, you will have those summer legs you have always dreamed of.

Be sure to include a healthy diet and a lot of rest… these are the keys to success in any weight-loss journey! Stay dedicated and determined! Always remember, “The Skye’s the LIMIT!!!”

Exercise Descriptions:

Sumo Squat: Stand with feet wide and toes pointed out. Squat down and push with your heels back to starting position.

Stiff-Leg Deadlift: Stand with feet just less than shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Grasp a bar or dumbbells in your hands; keeping your back straight and chest out, bend at the waist and lower the weights toward the floor. Use your glutes to pull yourself back up into starting position. It’s important you keep your back straight and knees slightly bent throughout the entire movement. You should feel a stretch in your glutes and hamstrings.

Pop Squat: Starting with feet together, jump out to a squat. Jump your feet back together. Repeat.

Jump Squat (narrow): Start with feet a little closer than shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward. Jump up and when you come back down, go into a squat. Repeat.

Jumping Switch Lunge: Begin in a lunge position with the right foot forward. Jump in the air and land in a lunge with the left foot forward. Then, jump in the air and land in a lunge with the right foot forward. Continue alternating.

Photo Credit: Banner image by Isaac Hinds