You know those stair steppers you never use? No, not the StepMill where you’re climbing the never-ending rotating stairs. I am talking about the machine that’s always close to the StepMill but looks teeny tiny by comparison. You know the one!

Never thought that step stepper could be the key to a kick butt cardio routine? Well, I have a program that’ll do just that! First, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

Unlike other cardio machines, the resistance will vary dramatically from person to another depending on your weight, so it’s difficult to provide you specific levels that will apply across the board. Also, you control how long the strides are by how fast you step, so play around with your stride, tempo and resistance. The key is to shock the body by doing something it usually never does. With that being said, here we go!

#1 – Facing forward, grab the handles and begin pedaling. The first round will be feeling the machine out. Make sure your strides aren’t short and choppy or too long that your feet hit the ground. Find your medium. Once you get the hang of this, increase the level and step for 2 minutes.

#2 – Carefully step off and place your feet back on the pedals to position yourself facing the opposite direction. Keep the resistance the same and pedal for 80 steps pushing through those heels while slightly leaning forward. This really hits the glutes.

#3 – Now it’s time for plyometrics! This will really spike that heart rate and get those legs reaching fatigue. So, step off machine and perform jump lunges for 30 seconds straight.
Repeat 4 more times and PRESTO…Body Shocked!