Cardio is essential to any workout regimen, but what if you have a busy lifestyle, and don’t always have time to hit the gym? The answer might include constructing a home gym, but sometimes you don’t have the space. So, what can you do? While there is an abundant amount of effective cardio exercises, a good high-intensity interval session is key to burning fat and a tried-and-true method has always been jumping rope.

Crossrope is an innovative fitness company that takes jumping rope to a whole new level with its interchangeable weighted jump rope system. This patented system is designed to work for a beginner, intermediate or advanced jumper. There are also plenty workouts, exercises and tutorials on the company’s website to help guide you in your search.

You wouldn’t use one dumbbell or barbell for your weight training, right? The Crossrope jump rope system brings this flexibility to jumping rope. Now you can easily change the weights of ropes to add resistance and customize your workouts for a better training experience— just like in the gym, but for a fraction of the cost.

High-intensity cardio is a great way to start the day. It gives you that perfect energy boost while providing an effective way to burn fat and keep yourself lean and spry. For a busy professional or experienced athlete, Crossrope is the answer when you are crunched for time and want to save money on expensive gym memberships.

Crossrope offers different combo sets of its system where each set comes with ergonomic handles and a collection of durable weighted ropes. Starting as a beginner, we advise to go with the Crossrope Starter Set. A key point about that Starter Set is that the product allows you to progress as a structured workout program from day one and beyond. Also, one secret about weighted ropes is that heavier ropes help beginners learn faster, as it provides more feel and a slower rotation, which leads to fewer trip-ups. For the more advanced user, there is the Plus Set, which includes Crossrope Rugged Handles, 1/4 Lb Agility Rope, 1/2 Lb Energy Rope, 1 Lb Intensity Rope and 2 Lb Fury Rope for a total of four jump ropes. Finally, for the more experienced athlete, there is the Premium Set, which includes everything in the Plus Set as well as their innovative speed rope system which they call the Bolt Set that comes with its own Aluminum Bolt handles, a 1 Oz Sprint Rope and a 3 Oz Speed rope. The Premium Set also includes their training bag. If you want to customize your set, you can always build your own from the company’s website, allowing for optimal customization and flexibility.


Looking for a quick and effective cardio and fat-burning workout? Look no further than Crossrope. Because it offers a quick, powerful and fun workout, we give Crossrope™ a seal of approval. From beginner to advanced level, it will constantly bring greater challenges and better results to your exercise routine. Please check out for more information and to order your kit today!