Time to talk about abs! Six-pack abs are a big reason I am in the bodybuilding industry! I would flip through fitness magazines and think, “How the heck can I get six-pack abs like the people shown in these mags??”

I started training for my first show in hopes for some toned abdominals and seven months later, I achieved my goal. With my physique, I have the ripped six-pack abs I love when I have extremely low body fat. To get a six-pack or shredded abdominal muscles, it is actually about more than just getting lean; you also need to have highly developed abdominal muscles. With this workout you will be able to achieve exactly that!


Reverse Bench Crunches

4 sets/reps 15, 15, 15, 15

Elevate your legs using only your absKeep your knees inline with your hipsFocus on driving your knees toward the ceiling rather than having them travel toward your head

Stability Ball Crunches

3 sets/reps 30, 30, 30

Keep reps slowDo not let the ball move as your round your spine up into the crunchExtend all the way back over the ball

4 sets/reps 15, 15, 15, 15

Hold a medicine ball in your handsRaise straight arms and legs up at the same time using only your abdominal musclesLower arms and legs but keep them elevated off the floor the entire set