Hi FitnessRx for Women Followers!

Today I want to do a strict glute-training workout! Having shapely glutes not only looks nice, it also gives your physique symmetry and strength. I’ve seen women who have over-dominant hamstrings, which makes their glutes appear small or underdeveloped. This workout, whether done alone or added into your quad day, will maximize muscle hypertrophy for the derriere (wink)!

When training glutes, it is important to engage the muscle the entire time and keep movements slow and controlled. I promise your booty will be on fire when controlling this muscle group during your workout!

Heather’s Glute Training

Standing Single-leg Heel Press
5 sets/12 reps each leg
• Keep hips tucked under you and abs tight
• Press directly backward with heel, engaging glute muscle
• Slowly return to starting position
• Keep tempo slow and controlled
• 30-second rest in between sets

Single-leg Lying Glute Raises
5 sets/12 reps each leg
• Start by lying on a mat with one leg elevated
• Keep arms at your side, palms facing down on the floor
• Elevate glutes upward, pressing through heel
• Raise glutes and lower back off mat
• Keeping leg elevated entire set, lower glutes down just before touching floor
• Complete entire set for one leg, then switch
• No rest period— just keep switching legs