Red meat has lots of benefits and it supplies your body with many vital nutrients. But it’s important to choose the right cut, always go with the leaner ground beef option, and consume in moderate quantities. I recommend organic, grass-fed, lean red meat.


1. Helps to build muscle mass: The protein you get from red meat contains all the amino acids necessary to build muscle and repair tissue. It also supplies protein and amino acids that repair small muscle tears that occur during training.

2. Provides iron: Adding red meat to your diet one or two times a week can help to maintain optimum energy levels.

3. Zinc: Helps build muscle mass, strengthens your immune system, and promotes both healthy skin and brain function.

4. Selenium: Helps in tissue formation and metabolism.

5. Many B vitamins: Helps the nervous system and provides riboflavin, which is very important for healthy skin and eyes. Also “helps convert carbohydrates into the fuel needed to make it through a training run,” according to an article by Jessica Girdwain.

6. Vitamin A and D are commonly found in red med as well. These vitamins are important for promoting good vision, stronger teeth and bones.

7. Helps to maintain firm skin.

Red meat is delicious and easy to cook, but remember that moderation is the key for everything!


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