With each passing year, the science of sports nutrition grows more intricate and complex, as more sophisticated and impactful mechanisms of physique and performance improvement reach the marketplace. But in one crucial way, sports supplementation has never been simpler.

For fitness-conscious people, it has never been easier to eat clean and to fuel a lean, rock-hard physique 24/7 than it is today. One particularly exciting option available to people who are serious about what they eat is protein bars. Yes, protein bars.

There was a time when protein bars were regarded as a last-ditch option for athletes, but those times are coming to an end. A new generation of bars featuring highly bioavailable protein content is just reaching the market (at last!) and one bar, the ProSource Bar, is at the cutting edge of that revolution.

Winner of Innovation in Quality Award

            How much has the ProSource Bar revolutionized the protein bar category? Well, let’s put it this way. The ProSource Bar is so good, it’s the winner of MD’s inaugural Innovation in Taste and Quality Award. That’s a distinction that comes well earned, because the research and development team at ProSource have made a protein bar powered by the world’s best proteins, and they’ve made it taste absolutely fantastic.

Protein Quality to Rival the Most Advanced Protein Powders

We could write a book about how good this bar tastes, but even more important is the high quality of the protein blend found in the ProSource Bar. Unlike some other manufacturers of protein bars, ProSource has a long and storied history of protein innovation going back 20 years. The research and development that made ProSource’s legendary NytroWhey line of protein formulas the industry gold standard influences every aspect of the new ProSource Bar. This means that each ProSource Bar is powered by highly bioavailable hydrolyzed whey and cold-processed micro/ultra-filtered whey isolate that’s ideal for supporting maximum muscle support. You also won’t find any of the inferior whey concentrate or soy proteins found in lesser protein bars.

About That Amazing Flavor …

The ProSource Bar truly is a breakthrough in protein bar flavor and texture. The delightful snap of its crispy, crunchy protein wafers, the luscious smooth texture of its creamy protein filling, and the sweet chocolate coating all represent a vast improvement over typical offerings in the category. And, because it’s entirely free of the useless added fiber content and indigestable sugar alcohols found in other bars, the ProSource Bar won’t slow you down or make you feel uncomfortable in the way so many protein bars do.

Get Your ProSource Bars Today!

            Right now, ProSource Bars are available in two delicious varieties— Chocolate Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate Crème— with more sensational flavors on the way. You can find them in Travel Centers of America/Petro stores, Kwik Fill and Double Kwik outlets, as well as select 7-Eleven and GNC stores, with more national chains clamoring to add the bar. You can also get them via Amazon Prime (free two-day delivery) and prosource.com.