After years of first hand experience as a supplement formulator, countless workouts and numerous competition preps under my belt, let’s just say I have tried my fair share of pre-workout products over the years. I can even remember my experiences with some of the industry’s first generation pre-workouts—basically powdery orange-like drinks with nothing more than a few ingredients, including caffeine.

Over the years, formulations have definitely changed for the better. They not only taste better, but they are formulated better too. Advanced Molecular Labs’ PREWORKOUT not only provides a superior taste, this high potency performance enhancer is also by far one of the most scientifically validated formulations I have ever tried and it delivers results.

How Does AML’s PREWORKOUT Help My Training?

We all know the difference between a good workout and a great workout ultimately determines our results. If we have an off day, lack focus and are feeling low in energy, chances are your workout will probably suffer too. On the other hand, feeling energetic, motivated and focused can drive your workouts to a whole new level, help you go the distance and pretty much guarantee you get the most of your time spent in the gym. That said, AML’s PREWORKOUT is formulated for all aspects of a great workout. It delivers three unique blends that help enhance focus, amp up energy, increase power, strength and endurance and can turn your little muscle lumps into big muscle pumps!

Intense Focus & Energy

I’m no morning person, not even during my competition days. I always dreaded the early morning workouts. I prefer training in the evenings but doing so can mean energy crashes come workout time. After sitting in front of my laptop all day, I get brain drain and I feel more ready for the couch than the gym. So, on the first day I took AML’s PREWORKOUT, I decided to put it through the ultimate test—leg day.

AML’s PREWORKOUT is formulated with compounds that increase adrenaline and dopamine, which got me so focused and energized that my usual workout routine was just not enough! Typically, after an intense leg workout, I make haste and go home before my ‘hangry’ alter ego makes an appearance. But on this day, I had so much leftover energy that I decided to hit the treadmill for a quick run!

So why was this possible? Well, AML’s PREWORKOUT delivers central nervous system activators to help restore neurotransmitters needed for focus and energy—perfect for long intense leg workouts that need the extra energizing push! Now when I first took a peek at the ingredient panel and saw caffeine, I thought, “That’s pretty standard.” However, this product goes far beyond that. It also delivers N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Mucuna Pruriens and BioPerine.

If you’re not familiar with caffeine’s effect, let’s just say it is a popular pre-workout ingredient for a good reason. Caffeine has been clinically proven to improve exercise performance, enhance energy levels and muscular contraction force. Caffeine can also trigger the release of dopamine and adrenaline, which Tyrosine can also have a hand in. Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine and noradrenaline, which can help increase energy and perceived time of fatigue allowing you to train longer and harder. What did all this mean for my workout? Intense focus, longer sets and even a longer workout!

Next Generation Pump

You might think getting a ‘pump’ is something only for your male counterparts, but actually, the pump is very important and does more than deliver an enhanced appearance! A muscle pump from your pre-workout is usually the result of increased production of nitric oxide or NO, which is a blood vessel dilator. When blood vessels expand, it speeds the delivery of nutrients to working muscles, which means more nutrients are available for muscle building!

AML’s PREWORKOUT provides clinically proven ingredients to help stimulate NO production, including citrulline and beetroot extract. These two simple ingredients deliver a far superior pump over arginine, which is poorly absorbed by the body and is the usual go-to ingredient of numerous standard pre-workouts. Citrulline is more effective for raising NO levels relative to supplementing with arginine and has also been shown to enhance muscular performance. Beetroot is also a good source of nitrates, which can amplify NO production and increase exercise intensity.

Personally, I like a good muscle pump, and that’s what I got with AML’s PREWORKOUT. The pump was perfect—some pre-workouts pump your muscle so full of blood and nutrients that it can prevent you from finishing a working set! This product gave me the right amount of pump to get the job done.

Clinically Proven To Increase Performance, Endurance & Strength

When it comes down to results, energy, focus and a good pump are only part of the equation. If you want to guarantee you get results from your pre-workout product, then you need to have a few clinically validated ingredients on your side to promote increased muscle size, strength and enhanced endurance. AML’s PREWORKOUT has no shortage of these.

First, this product delivers Betaine (BetaPower), which increases anaerobic power, which means more power for your squats or your jump squats! Betaine (BetaPower) can also help stimulate creatine (CreaPure)—the single most important compound when it comes to muscle building. And for added benefit, this formulation also delivers creatine (CreaPure), which helps drive energy levels by increasing the availability of ATP, the muscle’s primary source of energy. Creatine (CreaPure) has been proven in countless studies to stimulate muscle formation, increase muscle size, strength and improve muscular energy.

Finally, AML’s PREWORKOUT provides Beta-Alanine, which helps to increase the level of carnosine in the muscle and reduce lactic acid build-up, which facilitates longer sets and enhanced endurance. For me, this all added up to improved intensity, more reps and enough endurance in my legs for a post-workout run!

PREWORKOUT = Longer, More Intense Workouts

Having experienced the effects of many pre-workouts in the past, I knew after using AML’s PREWORKOUT what might come next…an energy crash! But, to my surprise, there wasn’t one! Not only that, it also didn’t prevent me from getting a good night’s sleep.

AML’s PREWORKOUT lived up to its claims on the bottle – a scientifically formulated, high potency, performance enhancer. There is no doubt that this product will now be a part of my supplement arsenal and my pre-workout ritual!

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