Cardio is an imperative component to any fitness plan, helping you shed unwanted body fat, tone and tighten your body and also to keep your heart strong and healthy! Regardless of which machine you prefer, it is important to be impeccable with your posture. I am a big fan of the step-mill and walking fast on an incline treadmill. When your intensity and or incline is up, you are definitely going to need to hold on. Holding on, doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard, as long as you are aware and focusing on proper posture. To get that booty burn on an incline treadmill, I suggest kicking up the incline as high as you can. With a high incline, it is hard to not hold on so please hold on but hold on correctly. The best way to utilize a piece of cardiovascular equipment is to stand upright, with your chest out, and not bear all of the weight in your arms. For example, on the step-mill or treadmill, stand upright and hold the handles lightly. Bearing all of the weight with your arms and leaning forward, on the step mill, or holding on for dear life, on the incline treadmill, puts you at 40% of your workout. By properly utilizing the machine, your workout will be more effective and offer a bigger cardio kick.

Check out my video on Proper Posture and consider these tips next time you go for a booty burning, fat blasting cardio session!