The Panatta Super Peck Back (1FW117) is a globally unique, dual-function, disc-loading machine that enables adduction and abduction movements of the humerus in the transverse plane for targeted training of the pectoralis major and posterior deltoid, respectively. The machine is equipped with a lever system that modulates resistance by developing a physiological load curve, in line with the force curve exerted by the target muscles involved in the two antagonistic movements; in this way, the major limitations of exercises such as dumbbell crosses on a flat bench for the pectorals and inverted crosses for the posterior deltoids performed with free weights are overcome. With the lever system, muscle contraction is kept high and constant throughout the ROM, maximizing the effectiveness of exercises while preserving the integrity of joints and tissues that are not overloaded in positions where they are most vulnerable.

The Panatta Super Peck Back has multiple adjustments that allow athletes of all builds to find the right working position, being able to adjust the height of the seat and the depth of the back/chest support; the seat is also rotating to better accommodate the different positions the user takes in the two antagonistic exercises.

EXERCISE 1: Pectoralis Major

With the seat facing away from the machine, the two handles are used to perform the horizontal adduction movement, the two rollers are tilted backward so as not to get in the way of the elbows; the classic movement of flat bench crosses with dumbbells is reproduced, with the difference that the load curve is bell-shaped and not totally downward with the maximum at the beginning of the movement.

EXERCISE 2: Posterior Deltoid

With the seat facing the machine and the two handles retracted upward, use the rollers to perform the horizontal abduction movement, pushing with your elbows against them; the movement of dumbbell inverted crosses is reproduced, the difference being that the load curve is bell-shaped and not totally upward with the maximum at the end of the movement.