With summer right around the corner, you may want to take your workout outdoors. Mixing up your location and exercises makes workouts more enjoyable. Take a look at how many calories you can burn in an hour with these outdoor activities.

Activity = Calories per hour

Roller Blading =  300

Volleyball (recreational) = 203

Swimming (moderate) = 359

Running (5 mph) =  359

Walking (3 mph) =  413

Gardening =  257

Soccer =  413

Badminton = 265

Biking (12 mph) =  515

Frisbee = 179

Hiking = 351

Washing car = 265

Water Aerobics = 234

Golf (carrying clubs) = 359

Note: The calories showed above are based on a 130-pound individual. This will not give the exact calorie burn, but it will give you an idea of what activities burn the most calories. I would suggest wearing a heart rate monitor if you want to know the exact calorie burn of your workouts.

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