What is YOUR current fitness goal? Have YOU ever consider competing? I have a few friends who are slightly into health and fitness, and are always asking what it is like to compete. In my opinion, it is the BEST feeling EVER! Nothing compares to being in the BEST shape you have ever been! You feel sexy and confident, which is better than eating ANY food out there! Well, if you are interested in what it takes to be a competitor or to just live a healthier lifestyle, this is an idea of what it takes:

FIND a GREAT coach. Start out with someone who is VERY well known in the sport, someone who is producing the top athletes. Find out style of training, diet and pricing. Find the coach who fits YOU best! It makes the biggest difference!

COMMIT to a competition. It can be a local one, which may be the most convenient! Sign YOURSELF up mentally and physically!

DIET and NUTRITION. Start eating clean the MOMENT you commit!

Eat every 2-3 hours, 6-7 meals a day!

Drink 1-1.5 gallons of water a day (may differ for each category).

FOOD goes with YOU ALWAYS. No matter if you are going on a vacation, out with the girls or out to a family dinner, BRING YOUR own meals. ALWAYS stick to your diet and eating schedule.

DON’T MISS a MEAL. It is very crucial to keep that metabolism revved for the fat-shredding process. Missing just ONE meal can throw it off!

PROPER NUTRITION. Most competitor’s diets consist of high proteins, healthy fats and low carbs. Each person’s body works differently. Find a coach who can further assist you in figuring out the correct macronutrients for your body and get to work 🙂

Ideal proteins: Whey protein, fish, egg whites, chicken, lean turkey breast, steak, tilapia and salmon.

Carbs: Sweet potato, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, squash, rice cakes and corn tortillas.

Fats: Nuts, avocados, olive oils, flax oils, peanuts, cashews or almond butters

SUPPLEMENTS. Be prepared to take a lot of great supplements to better your body! They aid in feeding you nutrients along with healing the body from training.

STRONG Mentality and DETERMINATION. There will be multiple times you won’t “feel like working out,” but you go anyway, you push through and overcome the mental challenges. This not only helps you out in competing, but also shows how strong you can be in life! The struggles I have developed from competing have strengthened me in many aspects of my own life!

Competing is a fun way to stay fit and commit to personal health goals! Is it for everyone? Absolutely not…but choose any health GOAL that is best for you and your lifestyle. ANYTHING is possible and ANYONE can MAKE it work. It may require waking up at 5:00 a.m. to get in your workout, but you will be happier and healthier! My challenge to you is to find a new FITNESS GOAL, set up a plan, and GET to WORK! Anything is possible for those who believe!

Till next time, stay DEDICATED and DETERMINED and remember… The “Skye’s the LIMIT”!