Hate cardio machines? Then this workout is for you! All you need is a barbell and some open space to get your sweat on. For this program, you’ll be doing as many as round as possible of barbell deadlifts and high knee runs within 15 minutes. This routine is simple but it’s definitely not easy!


First, I choose a challenging barbell weight that I am be able to perform high repetitions without losing my form. In this routine, I chose to use a 65lb barbell. Starting with my feet a little wider than should-width apart and my knees bent into a deep squat, I grab onto the barbell and deadlift the weight. Then, I return back to the start position. I complete 10 repetitions.


Next, with the barbell positioned on the floor in front of me, I performed 20 high knees tapping the ball of my foot on the barbell with each lift of my leg.

With minimal rest in between rounds, complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes!