As I’m writing this, I sit back and chuckle. I’m laughing because I have to start the packing, prepping, and organizing my regimen I do in the comfort of my home and compact it into five days of being out of my regimen, yet somehow not lose momentum of my current progress. Right now I am trying to add muscle mass yet stay lean and this requires a clean diet and lifting to maintain the muscles mass. Nothing will stop you when you have a goal in mind— SO GET IT DONE!

I’m always traveling and always on my healthy, clean-eating regimen. I rarely eat out because when I do there’s no stopping me. I have no self-control, and it’s very easy for me to gain weight. So I’m always prepared. Don’t get me wrong— I still enjoy food without question; I just have to babysit myself. This time around, I want to share with you what I’ll be doing to prepare myself before seeing the family.

Items to prepare yourself for travel:

Ziploc bags: freezer pint – they are thicker, leak proof, and freezer safe, yet small enough to take, oh let’s say 12 bags of chicken worth!

Protein: I always freeze my protein for travel. Depending on how long you are traveling, even if it’s an hour, you want meats to always stay cool. So if you are traveling for more than five hours, meats will start to thaw. However, they still may be frozen. As soon as you get to your destination, throw your protein in the freezer. Only take out and put in the fridge two days worth to make sure the rest will be safe from becoming rotten.

Portable food scale: I still bring this even though I weigh all my food first, throw it in a Ziploc bag then write on it with a Sharpie. Why? Sometimes I run out of food depending on how long I will be traveling for, or sometimes protein may have spoiled. Key for always being prepared!

Travel size Allmax Nutrition glutamine, BCAA, Aminocore, Isoflex packets (protein— if you do not have to-go packets you can simply make your own using Ziploc baggies or bulk it and use a gallon Ziploc bag and throw the scooper in it!)

Carbs: of choice for travel: rice cakes, yams (microwaveable or peel them and make them into cubes or fries), microwaveable brown rice bowl.

Nuts: Always have healthy fats in to-go packets! I always carry mine in a Ziploc baggie. Or I will have packets of almond/peanut butter on hand.

Measuring cups: I only take my ½ cup, ¼ c, and 1/3. If I need a cup of something, I just double my ½ c, etc.

Measuring spoons: Again, I only take my teaspoon and ½ tsp and depending on serving.
Exercise bands: Since there may not be any gym open around me, I am taking my resistant bands and doing full-body, plyo-based workouts to get my cardio in and preserve the muscle by keeping them full and pumped while away.

Veggies: I always get when these I land. Sometimes they can get soggy. However if you bake asparagus or broccoli it will take all the moisture out of them and makes it easier for travel.

Heart rate monitor: to gauge your progress when doing at-home workouts. You want to make sure your workouts are intense to keep you a fat-burning machine all day!
iPod: without music, good luck, or start singing to yourself! You will go crazy if you don’t have something to motivate you and get you going!

Being prepared is key when it’s time to stay on track. I incorporate these tips in my everyday life as well. I also want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am extremely blessed to be able to share my passion and dream with all of you and thank you for allowing me to write this and share tips with you! Take these tips and succeed with staying on track and you can only continue to be beautiful inside and out!

Make 2013 your year, your dream, your goal, your passion, and your success!

Until next year!