HGH, or human growth hormone, also known as somatropin or GH, is a peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. A non-steroidal hormone, it regenerates tissues for growth and repair of many cells in the body, promotes an energetic physiology essential for regulating metabolism, and maintains normal, healthy cardiovascular system and brain function, as well as an optimal ratio of lean muscle tissue to body fat. It’s very important to have good GH levels in order to live healthy, both mentally and physically.

According to the Life Extension Foundation, GH declines by 50 percent every seven years after the ages of 18 to 25. During our youth, abundant levels of growth hormone are present, but by the time we reach middle age, levels of essential hormones such as testosterone and DHEA decline, while age-associated decreases in muscle mass and increases in body fat become noticeable. But the good news is there are some clean and healthy habits to boost your GH with amazing results. I also recommend visiting your doctor and testing your hormone levels. It’s essential to have good levels of GH for a healthy lifestyle, depending on your age, and only a doctor can measure that with a blood test.

To easily and naturally boost your GH levels, follow these easy steps:

1. Weight training and Interval Training: It’s important to build up your lactic acid to increase your GH. Do high repetitions. Perform the big lifts at the gym. Exercises to boost your GH production include squats, lunges, deadlifts, bench presses, chin-ups and dips.

2. Supplements: There are a number of supplements that can help increase GH. Remember that is better to see a certificated nutritionist or a physician to find out the correct doses and uses before you start your supplementation.

• Take the amino acids L-arginine and L-lysine together before exercise and sleep. The combination of these has shown to increase growth hormone.

• Take GABA immediately before bed, which has been shown to increase growth hormone production by 200 percent.

• Glutamine also helps maintain lean body tissue and increase GH.

•  CDP-choline, glycine, niacin (vitamin B3) are also very important if you want to supplement your diet.

3. Sleep: Get at least eight hours of sleep per night and go to bed early, because the GH is produced in the first few hours of sleep. “Not getting enough sleep regularly can lower the amount of growth hormone your body produces daily,” says Walter Thompson, Ph.D., director of the Center for Sports Medicine, Science and Technology at Georgia State University in Atlanta. The majority of GH release occurs during sleep. This is one reason that you hear some athletes say that muscle is built more at night by resting, not during the day at the gym.

4. Eat Smart: Avoid high-glycemic load carbohydrates and highly processed carbohydrates. Eat a small meal that is high in lean protein and low carbohydrate before bedtime.

5. Watch Insulin: The more insulin floating around your system, the less growth hormone you are likely to have. Eating starchy carbs or sugar causes your blood sugar and insulin to spike, which is anti-growth hormone!

6. Avoid Stress: Living without stress helps increase the release of human growth hormone. Relax, try to enjoy every minute, and accept all situations with positive thoughts.

7. Laugh: In a study dating back to the 80s, subjects had an average 87 percent increase in growth hormone just from anticipating a humorous show. A little laughter goes a long way, as they say.

A healthy diet along with healthy habits, exercise, at least eight hours of sleep, and laughing are some ways to boost your GH naturally. Smile and relax 😉

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