With all the holiday goodies available during this season, you might be tempted to stray from your healthy nutrition plan. But the good news is, you can still be healthy without missing out on the holiday fun! All it takes is a little creativity and some simple switch-ups in the kitchen to create some HEALTHY holiday treats you can feel good about!

Check out our favorite holiday recipes below!

“Peppermint Stick” Ice Cream and Hot Mint Cocoa
Two simple, low-fat recipes utilizing candy canes! Add a little twist to hot cocoa and create a delicious seasonal ice cream treat.

Chewy Gingerbread Cookies
100-calorie, low-fat version of a favorite holiday treat!

Jolly Gingerbread Pudding
Easy and delicious dessert-like treat, that also makes a good post-workout food!

Overnight Baked French Toast
Prepare this on Christmas Eve for an easy, healthy, and delicious Christmas morning breakfast! Only 220 calories per serving, it’s also perfect if you have guests to entertain.

Gingerbread Oatmeal
Another Christmas breakfast that also works as the perfect high-protein, post-workout snack.

Egg Nog Pancakes
Delicious seasonal pancakes without the sugar, fat and excessive calories!

Brown Sugar Baked Salmon
A healthy option to replace honey-baked ham! Full robust flavor and only 270 calories per serving.