Did you ever run to the gym and then realize you only have 30 to 40 minutes to get your workout in? I have, and found giant sets are the perfect way to do a quick workout without sacrificing your desired results. Giant sets can work for any muscle group you need to train. The key is to set up three to four machines so you can move from one workout to the next without too much of a rest period.

Hamstrings are key to balancing your leg front to back. It is common for women to retain body fat in the back of the legs. Developing the hamstring muscle will only help in decreasing the appearance of cellulite and keep that skin tight.


Leg Curls

4 sets/15 reps

Do 1 set and move straight to next workoutSlightly lift knees off pad while pushing hips down against padNever raise hips up as you contract your hamstringsMake sure the pad at your calves doesn’t roll up your leg

Free-motion Squat Single-Leg Lunges

4 sets/15 reps each leg

Do all 15 reps with one leg, then switch and repeatKeep back straight and against pad at all timesPress down through the heel and squeeze glutes as you stand up

Smith Machine Deadlifts
4 sets/15 reps

After completing this exercise, move back to leg curl machineKeep back straight when doing deadlifts, bending knees slightlyStand close to the bar, bending only at hip jointAs you raise up squeeze glutes and pull hips forward