Blast your core with this awesome Plank Circuit. I LOVE planks because they work your entire body! From head to toe, this exercise will shape up your core conditioning while also working your glutes, hamstrings and upper body, all while improving balance and core stability. The best part is, you don’t need a gym and anyone and any level can master the plank.

You can get as basic or as creative and advanced as you want. The goal of any exercise is to be able to add layers so you can constantly improve, and that is exactly what you can do with the plank. Master the basics, then move on to the more advanced and challenging variations.
Give this fun Plank Circuit a try and see for yourself how effective the plank can be!


Gina Aliotti’s Plank Circuit
• 10 side-to-side arm raises
• 5 push-ups
• 10 alternating knee to elbow mountain climbers
• 5 push-ups with foot elevated, each side
• 5 three-legged dog into knee to chest
• 10 side plank knee to elbow, each side
• 10-second star plank, each side
Rest and repeat 2x


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