Hello My FitnessRx Workout Enthusiasts!

This week we are training back in giant sets! The key to giant sets is not the amount of weight being lifted, but the quality of contraction and ensuring that as much blood as possible is being driven into the muscle. This allows you to get the pump in the lats and back that you want, which maximizes hypertrophy and gives you the development you need to create a strong V-taper for your physique. I also like giant sets because when you are trying to keep your time in the gym quick, you can get more gains without sacrificing a great workout!

Heather’s Giant Sets for Back

Assisted Pull-ups
4 giant sets/12 reps

• Grasp narrow handles on assisted pull-up machine
• You can also use unassisted machine, but for giant sets you might fatigue quicker, so you want to be able to get all your reps in!
• Versa Gripps® are very affective when training back
• Keep chest up and focus on pulling with lats

(Move straight to next exercise; no rest)

Low Cable Rows
4 giant sets/12 reps

• Be sure to grasp handle attached to cable and use your leg to assist into getting positioned before starting reps
• Pull handle low toward your belly button, squeezing shoulder blades together
• Keep chest up and back straight for entire set
• Do not rock back and forth

(move straight to next exercise, no rest)

Cable Rope Bent-over Rows
4 giant sets/12 reps

• Stand shoulder-width apart
• Holding rope in both hands, lean forward
• Pull rope down, pulling hands apart, keeping elbows slightly bent
• Focus on feeling contraction in lats and back

(Rest 60-90 seconds, then start set again, starting with pull-ups)