There are many benefits to getting your workout done first thing in the morning. I call my AM workout “roll and go.” Cardio is like my coffee and a morning without it is not a pretty day. I never was a morning person, but now it is my favorite part of the day! I feel more energized and cheerful when I get my workout finished in the AM. How did I train myself to roll and go? From knowing the following facts and the helpful tips below.

Here are some facts about AM workouts that may help you rethink pushing the snooze alarm:

• Metabolism wakes up earlier and starts working.

• Burns more calories.

• Burns more fat.

• Quicker weight loss because of the all-day burn.

• Greater brainpower and alertness throughout the day.

• Better sleep.

• If you wake up at the same time, your body eventually gets into a rhythm and the whole process becomes easier.

• Usually helps with making better food choices throughout the day because of the release of endorphins.

• Prevents distractions later in the day that may interfere with your workout routine.

Ways to help roll and go:

• Sleep in your clothes or lay them out the night before.

• Have your coffee and pre-workout meal waiting for you.

• Have your workout written.

• Tell yourself that you only have to do 30 minutes and you are done (increase as the habit gets easier).

• Set a plan, a goal and a reward at the beginning of the week.

• Encourage someone to do it with you or keep you accountable.

• Remember if you get your workout done in the AM it opens up the PM to do other fun stuff.

• Try to go to bed earlier at least in the first few weeks so your body is ready to get up.

• A sense of accomplishment before your workday even starts is a great feeling.

At the end of the day, as long as you get a workout in… GOOD FOR YOU! If you are a PM person, give AM a try. You may learn to like it… I did! No matter what, you deserve to give yourself YOU TIME one hour 3-5 days per week!!!