Heart and mental toughness. That is what you need to get through this torturous battle rope gauntlet.

This workout is inspired by the Gronkowski Brothers. I know you know who these guys are and their fitness company Gronk Fitness Products.

After training with those guys I learned some crucial elements that I now use in every training session. Whether I am putting myself through a workout or coaching an athlete I learned that by focusing on these 3 key elements I can push past limits I never even dreamed of. To get through this workout you need to be able to Explode, Grind and Lock-It-In.


In each of these exercises you have to get your muscles to fire and work on all cylinders at an “all out” pace. Don’t just make it look like you are working hard. Move your muscles as fast as possible at an all out pace for the entire time. This does more than just test your mind. You are heightening your ATP-Pcr energy system and conditioning your muscles to innervate and contract at the rate needed for explosiveness.


Right at about :15 seconds your are going to be like “shit this is hard.” That is a good thing. Embrace that feeling. Go towards the pain. Push through that feeling more and more. The more often you able to push you mind & body through those “oh shit” moments the more that transfers into your sport and in your life. Keep your position, keep your form, suck it up and Grind.


It’s one thing to start this workout but its another to finish. Locking it in is all about keeping your vision and getting the job done. If you started it, you better fucking finish it. Stop thinking about how hard it is or who is watching you. Hone in your vision and lock it in.

Got it? In just 15 minutes we are going to seriously:
• Burn an insane amount of fat
• Build muscle
• Increase your cardiorespiratory endurance
• Train overall athleticism
• Test your mental capabilities

How You Do It

• Set up a battle rope around a pole, beam or anything sturdy enough to hold the rope.
• 3 different rounds, 3 different exercises per round
• You will go as hard as you can for: 30 seconds @ each, followed by :10 seconds of rest, then all out for :20 seconds @ each, :10 seconds of rest and then finish with :10 seconds @ each.
• Move on to the next round.

To Clarify:
• Go 30 seconds @ each
• Rest no more than 10 seconds in between exercises
• Then go for 20 seconds @ each (same rest times)
• Then go for 10 seconds @ each
• Move right into the next round

Round 1:
• Single Leg Slams to Burpee’s
• Shuffle Slams
• Hip Toss

Round 2:
• Plank Slams to Roll Through Switch
• Lateral Bound Slams
• 2 Hand Slams

Round 3:
• Reverse Lunge with waves
• In & Out Slams
• Seal Jacks

Chase It!