Hello FitnessRx Women,

This week, I want to talk about training our abdominals! Abs have always been an important muscle group for me to feel fit and lean. Seeing abs (and I am talking deep lines vertically and horizontally) has always been a main goal. It’s what inspired me to get in shape and kept me on track!

Keeping a clean and healthy diet is so important in achieving abs, but having proper training techniques to actually engage your abdominal muscles is just as important in developing the desired six-pack look. You can train your abs every day, but if you are eating garbage and using improper techniques, your work will be all for not and you will end up frustrated! Try these simple ab exercises to engage your muscles and develop the lines you look for in your abdominals.

Bosu Ball Crunches

6 sets/25 reps (30-second rest periods)

• Keep hips low on Bosu ball
• Extend back across Bosu with full extension
• Roll spine up as you crunch abdominals together
• Keep hips tucked to engage lower abs for the entire set

Reverse Abdominal Flat Bench Crunches

6 sets/15 reps

• Start with hips flat on bench, knees bent elevated above floor
• Hold bench with both hands and slowly roll spine up off bench, contracting abs and lifting knees above chest straight into the air
• Slowly lower spine back onto the bench, keeping abs contracted until back is flat on bench
• Repeat for all reps, keeping feet elevated off floor