Perform 4 Rounds.
No rest between exercises. Minimize rest between sets.

30 seconds Jumping Jacks
20 High Jumps
30 seconds Mountain Climbers
15 sets Ski Jumps
25 Eye-level Angry Punches in a squat position
25 High Angry Punches in a squat position
25 Low Angry Punches in a squat position
10 Burpees
45 seconds Walking Plank

Exercise Notes:

High Jumps – Start with legs shoulder-width apart. Jump up as high as you can into the air and land in a squat position. Immediately jump back into the air.

Mountain Climbers – Get in the plank position. Bring one leg forward under your chest while the other leg is extended and then switch. Continue alternating your legs to your chest. Go as fast as you can while keeping your body and abs tight.

Ski Jumps – Start with feet together then jump side-to-side landing with knees bent.

Angry Punches – Keep abs in tight and rotate torso while punching as hard as you can.

Walking Plank – This is basically “walking” laterally to the left and right from the plan position. Start out in a plank position then move your left foot out to the left 6 inches and then your left hand about 6 inches. Then, move your right foot and hand to the left to return to a standard plank position. Then, repeat the movement in the other direction (to the right). Repeat.