Short on time? Low in motivation? Grab a buddy and try this 25-minute fat blasting workout! Time flies by when you’re having fun and getting fit with friends!

Perform 4 Rounds
10 second rest between exercises. 30 second rest between rounds.

Back-to-Back Ball Pass: 30 seconds
Leg Throws: 30 seconds (each partner)
Squat Jumps: 30 seconds
Wheel Barrel Push-ups: 30 seconds (each partner)
Switch Lunge Jumps: 30 seconds
180 Jumps: 30 seconds
Back-to-Back Squat Hold: 30 seconds
Ball Toss Sit-ups: 30 seconds

Exercise Notes:

Back-to-Back Ball Pass – Stand back-to-back holding medicine ball. Pass the ball in one direction for 15 seconds and then switch to the other direction for the next 15 seconds. Keep abs in tight.

Leg Throws – See picture. One person stands with her legs shoulder width apart while the other lies on ground with feet extended to the ceiling and grabs her partner’s ankles for support. The individual standing will push her partner’s extended legs to the ground. The individual on the ground will resist the pushing by tightening the core. Her legs will lower to just above the ground and then she’ll then bring them back to the starting position.

Squat Jumps – Start with legs together. Jump out to a wide low squat. Then, jump back to the starting position.

Wheel Barrel Push-ups – See picture. One individual should get in a plank position. Then, her partner should grab her feet like a wheel barrel. The individual on the ground will then perform push-ups.

Switch Lunges – Begin in a lunge position with the right foot forward. Jump in the air and land in a lunge with the left foot forward.

180 Jumps – See picture. Get into a wide squat position. Then jump into the air and land in a squat facing the opposite direction.

Back-to-Back Squat Hold – See picture. Stand back-to-back and lower into a squat. Make sure to sit back into your heels.

Ball Toss Sit-ups – Get in a sit-up position facing each other. You should be toe-to-toe. One partner should perform a sit-up holding a medicine ball and then toss the ball to her partner. She will then perform a sit-up with the ball and then pass it back. Repeat in a brisk but controlled manner.