To compete or not to compete…that is the question. Recently, I’ve received a lot of messages inquiring about how to get started in fitness competitions. Competing is an amazing experience, but you must be READY to commit and have the right resources in place to help you achieve YOUR best! Here are five things to consider:

1. Where are you in your life?

When you commit to a competition, a lot of things are placed to the side (i.e. social life) as you make more time for training, food prep and working to present your best on stage. Are you ready for that? Also, are you getting married in a few months, graduating school or moving? Competing is very challenging, and the experience will be more enjoyable if you can minimize outside pressures like a big move, a wedding, etc.

2. Is FEAR the ONLY thing holding you back?

Don’t let fear hold you back! What’s the worst thing that can happen? If competing is something you really want, just do it. Commit today. You will be so glad you did. I remember my first competition like yesterday. Each day, I was in the gym for hours, eating 100 percent clean and NOT cheating even once! The night before the show, fear got the best of me. I told my trainer that I wasn’t ready, but she pushed me to go forward. Guess what happened? I won the overall! My point is this: if fear is the only thing stopping you, get OVER it and GO! You can do it!

3. Find a GREAT coach

In my opinion, one coach doesn’t fit ALL! Research different competitor physiques online and see which physiques YOU like. Dig a little deeper, and find out the coach behind the amazing physiques. That’s what I’ve done in the past and have been truly grateful for each of my coaches. All pushed me in different ways. Also, BE SURE that the coach has experience preparing competitors for stage. Getting someone into shape for life versus stage can be COMPLETELY different!

4. Staying MOTIVATED

Staying motivated for 8-12 weeks straight is challenging, but it comes down to this: How bad do you want it? Do you want to give it your all and have that amazing feeling of satisfaction at the end? Or, do you want to feel guilty for not giving 100%? The reality is that we are all human and go through periods of self-doubt, slipping up on the diet, etc. It makes you a stronger person and stronger competitor by OVERCOMING those obstacles! Keep pushing when the road is hard. Endure to the END!


Competing in a fitness competition can be very draining, but once you step on stage, you forget every bad moment! It is one of the BEST feelings you will ever feel! All of the hard work, discipline and dedication pay off. The moment you step onstage knowing you gave your ALL, tried your hardest and never gave up is the BEST reward you can get! Whether you collect a trophy or not doesn’t matter.

Competing can be an amazing journey! Be sure you are ready to give up a lot of your social life. Depending on where you start, preparation usually starts at about 12 weeks out. It is a great feeling, and amazing experience. If you are in a great place in your life and FEAR is the ONLY thing holding you back, overcome it and GO! You will never regret the lessons it can teach you in conquering your fears and pushing your doubts aside! I hope you all take the opportunity to compete if it is on your bucket list! Stay DEDICATED and DETERMINED and remember, “The Skye’s the LIMIT”!!!