Wow— that’s all I have to say after coming off the Olympia high a few weeks ago! Being up onstage is such a rush as it is, let alone being on the OLYMPIA Stage with the TOP 31 IFBB bikini pros in the world— who are all beautiful, disciplined and talented women!

The time, sacrifice and dedication we each put into the sport sure pays off! But during the process, it may not be so easy. Competing can be very challenging mentally and physically! I personally LOVE it, but at times find myself tired, angry (HUNGRY), drained, and taking it out on family and friends. Last prep, I was VERY focused and gave it 110 percent— even to the point of neglecting family, friends and work. Looking back, I do not regret a thing about giving my ALL… but the whole point of this story is that life is ALL about finding BALANCE in EVERYTHING we do! Fitness INCLUDED 🙂

Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete. It is a sense of harmony! Harmony is good in our lives; we cannot give 100 percent ALL of the time. Our lives are made up of MANY vital areas such as work, family, friends, health, spirituality, etc. We cannot solely focus on ONLY one area. If one area gets ALL of the attention, the others suffer and our lives are not in harmony!

So HOW do we go about FINDING balance?

FOCUS on PRIORITIES. In life, some things are just MORE important than others! Does that mean we shouldn’t enjoy free time or hobbies? NO— just make sure you aren’t NEGLECTING your priorities in the mean time!

ORGANIZE Yourselves. GET organized! Easier said than done, I know 😉 But PLAN out your day the night before… Set up your workouts in between family work and house chores. If it is SET in your schedule, your day will run a lil’ smoother!

Be FLEXIBLE. Accept that life will happen, you may get a flat tire, or your kids may get sick and you’ll need to stay home with them. Create a flexible environment so you can adjust your schedule and maybe finish an “at-home” workout. Forgive yourself when you cannot accomplish everything and realize that no one is perfect 🙂

CREATE Daily Routines. Always create a day-to-day routine you can follow. Work out, work, family time, rest and recoup! If we are constantly on the go go go, our lives are not in harmony and everyone else suffers.

Establish SUPPORT Groups. In case of emergencies, have support groups who may help you out in any way! Maybe your husband can cook up dinner tonight because work ran late, or your mom can pick up your groceries you need, etc. People are more than willing to help… all we gotta do is ASK 🙂

SIMPLIFY your LIFE. Stop OVER-committing and OVER-scheduling. Begin eliminating things that aren’t as important to you to clear up your schedule. You don’t need to be busy 24/7 to be productive. Leave some free time for yourself so you can live your life in harmony!

Life is all about balance! When you learn to balance and prioritize, your life becomes more simple and YOU become happier! As for me, competing is great— I just need to be able to find balance in it with my work, family and friends. We can ALL achieve balance in health and fitness, or even LIFE in general… all ya gotta do is FOCUS on the steps above. Anything is possible! Stay dedicated and determined and always remember, “the Skye’s the limit!”