Swimsuit season is just around the corner! If you are still working on your abs or need a switch-up with a few unique exercises to keep your body guessing, then we’ve got a great Flat Abs Workout for you!

You still have time to build those abdominal muscles and sculpt that sexy six-pack before summer hits. And while we all know that diet is essential to revealing defined abs, it’s also important to do a variety ab-focused exercises in order to build strength and really make that six-pack pop!

That’s why we have our Online Editor, IFBB Bikini Pro Callie Bundy, demonstrating our Flat Abs workout. Ready to sculpt your summer abs? Let’s go!



The Sprinter

Lie on your back with your arms at your sides and legs straight. Lift your legs and upper back off the floor, and sit up, bending one arm and bringing the opposite knee to the chest. Return to the starting position, keeping your legs raised.

Bosu Ball V-up

Sit on a Bosu Ball with your hands behind you and legs straight out in front of you. Bring legs and torso together, keeping legs straight. Slowly lower and repeat.

Stability Ball Crunch

Perform a normal crunch holding a stability ball at your chest.

Plank Cross Body Knee-ins

Get in a plank position. Bring your left knee across your chest, then return to starting position before moving to next leg.

Side Plank With Hip Drop

Get into a side plank position, with your top leg stacked over the bottom, legs straight, elbow bent. Engage your core while you drop your hips a few inches to the floor. Hold for a moment before pressing back up again.

Incline Crunches

Lie on decline bench with feet fixed behind bar at top of the bench. Perform sit-up using control throughout the movement.

Stability ball pass

Lie on the floor, holding a stability ball overhead with both hands, and your legs extended together. Engage your core and simultaneously lift your arms and legs off the ground, and transfer the ball to your feet. Squeeze the ball with your legs, and lower arms and legs back to the floor. Repeat, passing the ball to your arms.


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