As we get older, we all start to realize that eating McDonalds and being skinny don’t go together. Entering our mid to late 20s, our metabolism slows down and the French fries we could pound down in elementary school start stacking on the pounds. Soon enough, you are five pounds heavier than a month ago. Well… if you are motivated person, most likely you will fight for what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if it means eating clean. Eating healthy should never be considered a diet— if you truly want to be fit you will make it a LIFESTYLE.

5 Tips to a Healthier YOU:

Meaningful motivation. Find something or someone who motivates you— and not only motivates you, but has something meaningful behind it/them. For me, being healthy is far more important than stuffing down In N Out Burger. I would rather eat clean and live lean. Now there will always be times the motivation is not there, perhaps a bad day at work. This is when your positive mental attitude kicks in and OVERCOMES the doubts you put on yourself.

Move on after a mistake. We all have a mess up here and there. YES we are human and YES even the fitness pros do it! But GET OVER IT and GET ON with your GOAL! You can do anything you put your mind to…it is as strong as you ALLOW it to be! Choose to be strong and MOVE ON after a mess up… so you snuck into the peanut butter jar last night… and yes we all have 😉 Stop, recognize your mistake and MOVE FORWARD!

Breakfast is a must. Breakfast is a boost to the metabolism. Skipping breakfast is like your car being on empty and you trying to make it across town with out fueling up first. If you skip breakfast your body will still be in the “sleep mode.” When you start your day out right it “jump-starts” your metabolism giving you more energy throughout the day!

Restock your shelves. GO GREEN with some PROTEINS. Restocking your shelves at home is key! Eliminate the foods (i.e. peanut butter) or have your significant other/roommate hide the foods that tempt you. If it is that big of a temptation, you probably shouldn’t even buy it. Toss it out to get rid of those temptations!

Recognizing hunger. Are you hungry or are you bored? Oftentimes, late at night for most, we settle down from the day and think we need that cookie. When you get the craving to eat a cookie, stop and ask yourself if you could eat a steak instead. If the answer is yes, you are hungry. If the answer is no, calm your cravings with some hot tea with a little stevia in there. You may also reach for a healthier option. One of my favorite healthy cheats: cottage cheese with cinnamon and stevia. Change your mentality and crazy things will happen.

Ignore outside influences. Misery loves company and that sums it up for me! When you choose to eat clean, your friends and family may give you grief. Overcome the negative influences by explaining your goal to them and why you are working towards it. Also how you would appreciate it if they would support you in your clean eating decisions. Most of the time they are very supportive, if not STAY STRONG! Think of long term and the results you will receive. They will be far more rewarding than that brownie bite that sounded good at the moment!

Believe in yourself. This is the most important… if YOU believe you can, NO ONE will stop you. Don’t give up, all good things take time! The results WILL come if you stay CONSISTENT!

Use these tips to get yourself started on your way to a healthy lifestyle. BE that motivated person, and fight for what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if it means eating clean. Eating healthy should never be considered a diet— if you truly want to be fit, you will make it a LIFESTYLE. Changing the way you eat will make all the difference and get you closer to that tight tummy! Believe YOU can DO it, and GO for it! Stay dedicated and determined and always remember, “The Skye’s the Limit.”

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