When summer rolls around and all you can think about is the next time you’ll get to take a dip in the pool and sip on a daiquiri, sometimes your fashion takes the backseat. I mean, once you remember just how hot the season actually gets, all you want to do is wear as little clothing as possible in the lightest colors and fabrics out there.

While it’s definitely advised to dress appropriately for the season, that doesn’t mean you have to completely throw style out the window. Yes, it’s simple (and stylish) to throw on a sundress and call it a day. I do it pretty much every single day, but for those days when you want your outfit to be a little more special, it’s important that you know how to style for the summer.

There are a few ways that you can style a look for summer that will not hinder your quest for staying cool in the heat. Below are some of my favorite ways to style summer outfits without requiring too much effort.

1. Change up your summer dress

First thing’s first: Let’s spice up the ultimate summer staple: the summer dress. Most times, it’s easy to just throw on a pair of sandals with your dress, but consider switching up the footwear for the sake of taking your fashion to the next level. Put on a pair of sneakers with your summer dress and you’re sure to exude a casual, cool vibe. Especially if you can’t be bothered with breaking in a new pair of heels, a pair of trusty sneakers is the way to go. Another way to style up a dress you’d normally wear flip flops with is pairing it with a super cute wedge. Espadrille wedges are in trend right now and it is the perfect way to spice up that dress!

2. Bring on the prints

Tropical prints on festive button-ups and breezy dresses are the perfect mesh of appropriate patterns and fashion-forward insight. You can wear botanical prints with just about anything, and you’ll be on-trend all season long. You can even consider finding a chic one-piece covered in a tropical print— talk about Instagram gold! Aztec prints are also a great option and very trendy right now!

3. Embrace hat hair

A lot of times, doing your hair in the summer is a lot of work. The last thing you want to do is blow dry it when the weather is scorching hot. So on the off-days (when the humidity will probably ruin it anyway), take advantage of all the cute hats emerging on the market lately. From panama to floppy to fedora styles, there are plenty of hats out there for every face shape and every outfit. The perfect way to add style to hat hair is by spritzing a little sea salt spray and letting it air dry. It looks perfect under any hat!

Just remember that going into the heat of summer doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your style. A few clever switches and accessory additions will easily set you apart from the crowd. Whether you choose to pair sneakers with your summer dress, try tropical prints, or add a hat to your go-to outfit, you’re sure to elevate your summer style to a whole new level of cool.

What summer trends are you loving lately!?