“You are just too healthy. Eat junk food, have sex and walk a lot.” That is exactly what my doctor told me when I saw her at my 40-week appointment. I was still only effaced 50 percent and I was not dilated. I just love my doctor! We had another ultrasound done that day and my doctor also said that baby angel is just too comfy and cozy in the womb. We made the decision that if she did not make her grand debut in one week when I hit the 41-week mark, I would get induced since she was already a healthy size and I am adamant about having a natural vaginal delivery.

Well, today I am officially 41 weeks and I am scheduled to be induced. In ten minutes, I have to call labor and delivery at the hospital to find out exactly what time we have to be at the hospital. I was at the hospital yesterday for a non-stress test and for an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid levels. The nurse said that baby and I look great! The nurse also said that for someone who was going to be induced and have a baby tomorrow, I looked so calm and relaxed. The truth is that I absolutely was and I am still very calm and relaxed this morning. Throughout my whole pregnancy, I focused on having a very happy, healthy and fit pregnancy. I also focused on remaining extremely positive and relaxed and I kept my stress levels to a bare minimum. I am a firm believer that whatever I was feeling and experiencing throughout the time I was pregnant would directly affect our baby angel and what she felt. I did not want any stress or negativity throughout my pregnancy and I can proudly say that I successfully achieved that.

This pregnancy has literally flown by! It seems like yesterday when I was just in the doctor’s office and my pregnancy was confirmed. I do have to remember that I was on the six-month pregnancy journey versus the nine-month since I discovered I was pregnant in my 2nd trimester. Now this last month of pregnancy has been extremely busy for me. We closed on our new house and moved during my 38th week. Then it was a matter of getting settled in, unpacked, organized and getting our baby angel’s nursery set up before her big debut. Over the past few weeks, my body has significantly changed and I have seen major growth spurts! My boobs have grown a couple of cup sizes and the baby bump has definitely grown, so yes— new bras and new shirts were purchased these last few weeks. I have now been effaced 50 percent for three weeks and I have noticed that this week that since baby dropped so low my swagger has officially become a preggo waddle.

I continued my weight training up to week 39 and cardio up to week 40. However, in this final week with all the changes going on with my body, I decided to cut back a bit and give my body a rest for the big day. Labor and delivery is surely a huge physical event so I wanted to make sure that my body was well rested, fully nourished and fully hydrated. In preparation for the big day and for our precious angel’s arrival, I have ironically done a lot of things that I typically do the last couple of weeks leading up into my competitions. I had a wonderful prenatal massage in the nursery, a facial, a spa manicure and pedicure, acupressure and reflexology and I had my haircut and styled just yesterday. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed all the prep work!

Knowing that I am going to be a mom very shortly has made me miss and think of my mom, who I lost 18 years ago, even more. There were many, many times throughout my pregnancy that I thought of my mom, thought of how truly amazing she was as a mother and how I just wished that she was still here with me sharing in my beautiful pregnancy. I am just so grateful that I did have the treasured time that I did with both my mom and dad. They were just incredible parents— so loving, so nurturing, so supportive and just great examples of what parents should be. I am also so grateful to the both of them for giving me life, for bringing me into this world, and for making me the person that I am today. I continually strive to live my life to the fullest to make them proud as they watch over me as my angels. I will also strive to be an incredible parent to our first baby girl, starting the very first day— on her birthday, which is today. Today, I can say that I am physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the birth of our first child. I am in such a wonderful and happy place and I am just filled with so much love, so many positive emotions and so much gratefulness. Yes, I am in a very GOOD place.

Thank you all so much for following in my incredible journey. The next time I write for my column, I will be a mom— just wow! Wishing you all many blessings!