For me, abs can be a little bit tedious, so I have a little trick to help ensure that I don’t skip out on training ‘em: Incorporate ab work into my cardio or weight lifting intervals. This way, I’m much more likely do them than if I wait for the end of my workout. If fitting in ab work sounds is tough for you too or if you just want a new intense cardio program to amp up your fat burn, give my CARDIO CRUNCH TREADMILL program a try!

Here’s What To Do:

1. Jog at a 3% incline for 1 Minute.

2. Hop your feet to sides of machine, turn yourself around to face the
rear of the treadmill, grab on to the machine sides, lock out your arms and
perform 10 Knee Raises.

3. Carefully place your feet back to the sides of the treadmill and step off of the
machine and perform 30 seconds of Jump Squats.

4. Step back on and Jog again for 1 min and repeat until 30 minutes is up!