How can you tell if a lady works out? Look at her rear end! Great glutes are earned, not given! What you put into working out is what you get out of it. Trust me— if you put in the work, YOU WILL GET RESULTS!

So how can we step up our game to building a better tush?! We can all develop greater glutes by stepping into the weight room and adding some HEAVY weight to our routines for some exercises that will enhance the glutes. It is a MYTH that lifting heavy makes you HUGE! Lifting heavy creates more muscle, which in turn burns more fat. Who doesn’t want to lose fat? So the next time you step into the gym, the goal is to lift MORE weight— this will tone you right up!

Here is a sample routine to building better glutes!


4×8 Stiff-leg deadlifts
4×8 Leg press
3×12 Weighted squats
2×12 Hack squats
4×8 Glute machine
3×12 (each leg) Single-leg curl

For a fat-burning workout, always add weight! It will NOT hurt you— it will HELP you in the fat-loss department. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, and the faster your metabolic rate burns! Next time you step into the gym, add on the weight and watch your body transform from flabby to fit!

Till next time stay DEDICATED and DETERMINED… Always remember, “The Skye’s the LIMIT!”