This HIIT cardio not only hits two birds with one stone by working out your cardiovascular system and abdominals, it also will hit your hamstring-glute tie-in. If done correctly, it will leave you feeling sore as a leg day would! For this cardio workout, all you need is a spin bike and a narrow spot on the floor.

Setting Up The Bike

Make sure the bike is set to the correct height for you. A good rule of thumb for seat height: Stand next to the bike and align the seat with your hip. If you feel more in your quads than your hamstrings while pedaling, maybe adjust the seat a bit higher and/or concentrate pulling up with your toes and pushing down more through your heels.

Here’s The Program

Step 1:
While sitting up straight and holding your core tight, pedal for 1 minute at a low level (about 5) as fast as you can! This should not strain the muscles but should raise your heart rate.

Step 2: Now comes the resistance! Crank up the level, stand up and push through your heels while continuing to pedal. Keep your back straight, core tight and hold yourself up on handles to make sure your booty stays hovering back over the seat. Continue this for 1 minute.

Step 3: The last step is the plyometric/abdominal portion…Plank Jacks! Hop down from the bike and get into a plank position on your forearms. Keep your back from arching by pulling your bellybutton towards your lower back. With your legs straight, jump your legs out to the sides and back together 25 times.

Repeat this circuit as many times as you can for 20 minutes!