Today I want to do some biceps training! I love training this muscle group. When training arms, you can generally get a good pump going pretty quick. This is always fun to see and motivates you to train harder!

Here’s a fun routine if you want to train biceps quick or you are short on time. Try it out by itself for a short training day, or add it to your triceps or chest day!


Standing Biceps Burn-Outs

4 sets/15 reps per weight

Start with heavy weightUse either dumbbells or a cable biceps curl machineRep out 15 reps, then drop weight down by 5-pound increments until you reach 5-pound load or dumbbellsDo this without resting as you decrease from 20-pound dumbbells down to 5-pound dumbbells in each hand.Rest 60-90 seconds, then start next set.The key is to burn out— so if you can barely get those last reps, it’s all good. Just keep good form! (No heaving with momentum.)